rising tide


art transposed.

Rising Tide is a scrapbook of new works created by teams of artists bringing different expertise to the same artform. As the newest entry into our popular Mixed Media series, Rising Tide spotlights artists' relationship to their work by pairing artists with cross-disciplinary mentorship while asking them to take a deep dive into their respective artforms. See what happens when musicians, dancers, visual artists, and theater-makers, push the boundaries of their mediums and unscript the hierarchies we create between artists.

Rising Tide is part of Maelstrom Collaborative Arts Mixed Media Series, one-weekend shows that showcase collaborations between diverse artists from different disciplines and backgrounds. A variety of changing show formats allow a multitude of artists to learn, share, and develop new aesthetics while developing relationships across artistic communities.

Courtney D. Love + Ben Oblivion with guidance by Marcia Custer
Devin Hinzo + Cassie Bishop with guidance by Meiver De la Cruz
Suhaylah Hamzah + Prentice Howard with guidance by Lauren Joy Fraley
Mary-Elizabeth Fenn + Janine Jones with guidance by Sequoia Bostick

Produced by Meredith L. King
Event Design by Jeremy Paul

Dates and Times

june 20-22

Doors Open 7pm
Show Starts 7:30pm



Maelstrom Collaborative Arts
5403 Detroit Ave.
Cleveland OH 44102