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Hybrid Performance Friendships

Bricolage is an explosion of new fusion works created by teams of creators from different mediums and backgrounds. This wildly popular Mixed Media show features musicians, dancers, visual artists, theater-makers, and more in utterly unique collaborations. See what happens when these diverse makers are paired up to make new, boundary-pushing performance.

Bricolage is part of Maelstrom Collaborative Arts Mixed Media Series, one-weekend shows that showcase collaborations between diverse artists from different disciplines and backgrounds. A variety of changing show formats allow a multitude of artists to learn, share, and develop new aesthetics while developing relationships across artistic communities.

Artist teams for August 2019 include:

Eris Eady + Mixxed Rose
Amanda D. King + James Waite
Mohammad Gholam Abolfazl + Kayli Salzano
Akane Little + Rebekah Wilhelm

Produced by Marcia Custer
Event Design by Katherine Nash

Dates and Times

august 22-24

Doors Open 7pm
Show Starts 7:30pm



Maelstrom Collaborative Arts
5403 Detroit Ave.
Cleveland OH 44102