The launch of Maelstrom Collaborative Arts

I have some really exciting news.

Theater Ninjas' name is changing to Maelstrom Collaborative Arts.

This is a change that we have been working on for quite awhile, and I’m so thrilled to finally announce it. We believe it captures the kind of creative energy, dynamic storytelling, and shared performance experiences we are creating in Cleveland. Along with the creation of the Cadre of Creative Producers and the move into our permanent headquarters, this new identity is an important next step in our evolution as a company dedicated to making powerful, relevant art in our second decade.

Our new name is a reflection of our developing direction as a company. Our work defies easy description. However, we keep returning to a core principle in all of our work: collaboration. Whether that’s between different artists bringing unique skill sets to an innovative project or between artists and audience in interactive, participatory events, we believe in creating opportunities for creative fusion.

We have an incredible year of work ahead of us. And yes, I say that every year, but it’s especially true this time! As we approach our one year anniversary in our new home in Gordon Square, we have so many exciting projects lined up:

• A monthly workshop series that will offer insights into physical storytelling, interactive fiction, contact improv, immersive theater design, performance creation, ‘How to make your life as an artist’, and more.

• Positive Reinforcements, our multi-disciplinary “tasting menu” of local short-form work

• Mystery Box, a live-action storytelling puzzle box that unspools the life of poetic computer programmer Ada Lovelace

• Black Diamond, an online interactive prequel to 2017’s Don't Wander Off

• Probably the best way to kickoff this revamped identity is with an event that embodies the kind of artistic forces we want to champion: Bricolage

None of this would be possible without an extraordinary network of artists, audiences, funders, and community supporters. In particular, I am indebted to the Cadre past and present for their brilliant ideas and commitment to this new identity as well as our Board of Trustees for believing in this change. It is a privilege to be working with such incredible people and to have the opportunity to serve all the artists and audiences who have been and will be a part of Maelstrom Collaborative Arts.

Jeremy Paul
Artistic Director, Maelstrom Collaborative Arts

Lauren Joy Fraley
Connectivity Director

The Cadre
Sequoia Bostick
Marcia Custer
Christopher Hisey

Board of Trustees
Susan Rothmann
Marjorie Anderson
Jeremy Paul