Monthly Donations

Monthly Donations are incredibly helpful when it comes to producing and planning work. For the price of a beer or a hot dog), you make it possible for us to produce month events and workshops, and work with more artists than ever before. It also means you’re with us for the long haul. Making art is like running a marathon: it’s easier with someone else by your side.

Donation Options

The Capitol Campaign

After moving into our first permanent headquarters in 2017, we're working on the next phase of renovations that includes adding technical capabilities to Lola Hall, equipment and supplies for Cadre Innovation Center, and our podcast recording studio. More information about our Nomads No More Capitol Campaign can be found here.


One-Time Donation

We can't do what we do without community support. As we continue to program more work in our performance headquarters, you can help us create a sustainable hub for artistic innovation in Cleveland. Signing up for monthly recurring donations that will ensure we can continue to produce opportunities for artists and audiences to explore new adventurous territory.

Supporters of Maelstrom Collaborative Arts


David and Martha Cathcart*  -  The Cleveland Foundation  -  Cuyahoga Arts and Culture  -  The George Gund Foundation  -  Marjorie Anderson*  -  Martha Holden Jennings Foundation  -  Ohio Arts Council  -  Lola Rothmann*  -  Susan Rothmann*



Cassie Goldbach  -  Bob Paul & Peggy Kennedy



Barbara Baetz-Greenwalt*  -  Carl Baldassare  -  David Brennan*  -  Eric Coble  -  Joan and Arthur Hargate  -  The Jentner Group*



Mary Beck*  -  George Brant  -  Michael Charry  -  Pam and Solomon Cokes*  -  Maggie and Kevin Fraley  -  Ted and Teresa Good*  -  Denis Greismer  -  Jeff and Rose Heintz*  -  David and Margaret Hunter*  -  Mike and Nancy Jones*  -  Laura Kepley and George Brant  -  David Leiberth*  -  Dr. Richard Lynn*  -  Susan and Patrick McGown*  -  Cherie and Jonathan Meyers*  -  Lee and Becky Morrow*  -  Steven and Gisela Oluic*  -  Jason and Colleen Policy*  -  Ron and Rita Policy*  -  Elizabeth and Joseph Rusnak*  -  Gene Veronesi



Robert Belfance*  -  Lucy Bredeson-Smith  -  Cozetta Case  -  Ray Caspio  -  Michael Charry*  -  Okan Ertin  -  Sue & Shannon Everyday  -  Sarah Lamb  -  Zachary Olivos  -  Cathleen O'Malley  -  Becky and John Ryba*  -  Pandora Robertson & David Shimotakahara  -  Beverly Teague  -  Carrie Williams  -  Andrew Valdez  -  Craig A. Webb